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sustainable methods

Being aware of the growing importance of changing our way of interacting with the world, preserving the environment and not compromising it, and in the urgency of changing some habits, Enfios already adopts a set of practices towards sustainability:

Reducing and transforming our production “waste” that is later reintroduced in the manufacturing process and offering solutions based on recycled materials and environmentally friendly components.

Likewise, our packaging process significantly reduces the use of plastic, focusing on more sustainable and recyclable materials and even reusing some of the material produced for packaging and wrapping products.

natural yarns and ropes

noble and sustainable products

Enfios stands out for its wide range of natural threads and ropes, presenting to the consumer a 100% natural, ecological and environmentally friendly offer: cotton, jute, sisal and linen.

The large applicability of these articles together with the rapid decomposition of their elements prevents polluting residues from accumulating in nature. Our products fulfil their objective without sacrificing the environment.

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