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Enfios, created in 2007 and located in Cortegaça ( a small village by the sea), was born from the extinct “Cordoaria Vicente R. de Oliveira” founded in 1944.

During the XVIII century, the cordage industry gains strength due to its connection with the fishing activity, a very representative occupation in the village, also becoming a typical regional activity.

With a strong sense of community, we focus on employing local and experienced people, emphasizing their know-how and passion for this sector.

Currently, we are specialized in the production of yarns and ropes for the most diverse industries, presenting a wide range of products divided into synthetic and natural.

With the evolution of times and with an increasingly ecological concern, Enfios has been working in order to achieve and maintain a sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

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various applications, aimed at different industries

The applications of our yarns and ropes are diverse and directed at various industries, among which we can highlight Navigation and Fishing, Agriculture and Construction.

On the other hand, our range of natural products are essentially focused on Handicraft and Decoration activities, although they are recurrently used for Packaging.

The different types of presentation of our products allow us to respond to the specific needs of each client, offering from small reels or balls of yarn to the end consumer to rolls and spools intended for large industries.